Size Guide


Shirts and Jackets:
For the length of the shirt, place the tape measure on the top of the shoulder (imagine where the collar of a t-shirt is coming) and measure by bringing the tape just under the height of the belt.

For the width, place the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest, horizontal, under your arms. Place two fingers under the meter against your body for a better fit.

Alternatively, you can check your size by measuring one that suits you. Place the shirt on a flat surface and take the measurements as shown above and compare it with the size chart of the item you are interested in buying.

Compare the measurements obtained on the tables in the photo section of each of our articles.

For the swimsuit instead you can check the measure of the swimsuit that you wear regularly and that suits you and comparing it with the size chart in each product of the swimwear line.
Alternatively you can measure your hips (A - man) or the three bust, waist, hips (A-B-C woman) sizes and check them on the size chart in each product.